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The Human Being
The lens through which we perceive everything in the universe
The body and the mind
Death, decay,
Memory, being remembered, being forgotten
Love, sex, birth, family
Wholesome and impure, beautiful and dirty
Unclean, we have to wash
The mind is clean, but messy
The body is dirty, but organised
Thoughts are disconnected, uncontrolled
Sometimes they seem to go against our own morals
Sometimes they disgust us
Artificial intelligence
We seek to reproduce in our own image
We try to escape our humanness by creating intelligent machines,
they are clean and organised
But they create art, they don't make sense,
Just like us.
We cannot help but hold a mirror up to ourselves
We produce nothing which is not human
The illogical comedy which is the human being
So caught up on becoming more than ourselves that we forget to see the beauty that is the unclean, the messy and illogical,
The human being.

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